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The F.I.M. and its formats

The Forum for Improvised Music is an initiative promoting improvised music in Frankfurt.

Open stage for free improvisation
Following the performance by the ‘opener group’, the second part of the evening allows interested musicians to improvise and interact in various combinations.

F.I.M. engages established musicians to improvise in various combinations (5 groups). These groups are supported by additional (+) guest musicians.

Formationen+ F.I.M. Frankfurt meets…
To encourage networking F.I.M. invites national/international initiatives for improvised music once a year for a collective musical exchange.

Formationen+ Dance
Free interaction between musicians and dancers.

Free interaction between musicians and dancers and improvisations open air and in public locations.

Upcoming Event

Wednesday, March 15, 2023: F.I.M. Formationen+ Ziv Taubenfelds Full Sun Orchestra

Ziv Taubenfeld's Full Sun is an ensemble based on leading musicians from Amsterdam's jazz and improvised music community. "We immediately hear what is so characteristic of Taubenfeld's music: that combination of melodic lyricism and unadulterated rawness. For him, one never goes without the other." - Ben Taffijn "This is a crowning example of a collective song, where the band's dynamics are allowed to flourish in all stages." - Jan Granlie "Inside you can hear micro granules of jazz, swing and even New Orleans aesthetics. The outer layer, however, is far dark, mysterious, as if it hides great secrets from the Far East." - Andrzej Nowak

About the musicians:
Ziv Taubenfeld (bass clarinet, composer) Israel/ Netherlands/ Portugal/nomad...
After establishing himself as a key figure in Amsterdam's jazz and improvised music community, Taubenfeld recently relocated to Lisbon. The nomadic concept that leads his life is a recurring theme in the compositions for Taubenfeld's main project, Full Sun, drawing inspiration from ancient nomadic cultures such as the Natufianians and the Pygmies.
Recent collaborations include Han Bennink, Michael Moore, Rozemarie Heggen and Keefe Jackson to name a few.

Ziv Taubenfeld
Ziv Taubenfeld

Michael Moore (alto saxophone, clarinet) USA/ Netherlands
Michael Moore was born (1954) and raised in Arcata, California, USA. After absorbing music at home, playing locally and attending The College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University, he moved to Boston to study with Jaki Byard, Gunther Schuller, Ran Blake, Joe Allard, George Russell and Joe Maneri at the New England Conservatory of Music, graduating in 1977. Since 1982 he has made his home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Michael Moore has a deep understanding of both the American jazz and the Dutch improvised music traditions, but his writing and playing are also influenced by music from other cultures. The musics of Sicily, Madagascar, Istria and Indonesia have also been particularly influential. One recent project is 'Low, slow and wobbly', music for baritone sax, bass clarinets and trombones based partially on the Labë a capella singing tradition of southern Albania. He has collaborated with and been influenced by poets and poetry, dancers and other visual artists.
He played and recorded with the groups of Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway, Sean Bergin, Maurice Horsthuis, Georg Graewe, Klaus Konig, Burton Greene (Klezmokum), Simon Nabatov, Dave Douglas, Myra Melford, Mark Dresser, Ig Henneman and others.

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Nico Chientaroli (piano, synth) Argentina/ Netherlands
Argentinian pianist, improviser and composer Nico Chientaroli (1982) started his career playing with different bands in Buenos Aires. He always felt strongly attracted to improvisation. Therefore he formed his trio recording three albums where he explored improvisation through his compositions. He also participated in many projects related to jazz and improvisation in Buenos Aires. He moved to Amsterdam in 2013 to continue with his work and development.
As a pianist, he explores and expands the boundaries of the piano developing a very personal way of playing. In reviews his music is described as “a magnificent and extraordinary journey of sound. Some Improvisations enable beautifully structured and impressively melodic textures to surface.”
Nico Chientaroli has played with improvisers such as Ab Baars, Ig Henneman, Michael Moore, Mary Oliver, Wolter Wierbos, Michael Vatcher, Ada Rave, Raoul van der Weide, Richard Barret, Carlo Mascolo, Felicity Provan, Mars Williams, Wilbert De Joode, Nicola Hein, William Parker, John Dikeman, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Jasper Stadhouders, Onno Govaert, dancers Kenzo Kusuda, Ana Leonor Ladas and Makiko Ito among others.

Nico Chientaroli
Nico Chientaroli

Shay Hazan (double bass, guimbri) Israel
Tel-Aviv based musician Shay Hazan (born 89') is a composer, producer, bassist & bandleader. His versatile bass and guimbri (moroccan bass lute) playing can be heard on festivals in Israel and Europe. Shay is currently leading the Shay Hazan Quintet and a special project under his name dedicated to beats created by the unique sound of the guimbri.

Shay Hazan
Shay Hazan

Onno Govaert (drums) Netherlands
Onno Govaert is a crucial member of the Amsterdam jazz scene and part of the youngest generation of improvising musicians.
Govaert has appeared regularly at the Bimhuis including a Carte Blanche in 2013 and has completed three “Young Vip” tours, granted to young jazz talent in Holland. Besides Europe he has toured North- and South-America, Siberia and Japan.
Govaert has worked with a broad spectrum of musicians: Kaja Draksler Octet, Wilbert de Joode, Monica Akihary, Niels Brouwer, Ab Baars, Achim Kaufmann, Peter Brotzmann, William Parker, Theo Loevendie, Akira Sakata, Mary Oliver, Tristan Honsinger a.o.

Onno Govaert
Onno Govaert

Lömsch Lehmann (clarinet, saxophone)
A classical clarinet training brought him to the realization that he wanted to play jazz. Distant countries are traveled – geographically and musically. At home in contemporary jazz, improvisation is its form. The experiment becomes a principle and the horn tells stories. He currently plays in the band Underkarl and in the duo knoM.T with bassist Sebastian Gramss.
He has performed with greats such as Fred Frith, Han Bennink, Peter Brötzmann, Johannes Bauer, Rudi Mahall, Albert Mangelsdorff, Nils Wogram, Conny Bauer, Tatsuya Nakatami, Marwan Abado and Mardi Gras bb and has worked with Heinz von Cramer on several award-winning radio play productions for WDR, NDR, DLF and Deutschlandradio. At the Nationaltheater Mannheim he appeared – together with Erwin Ditzner – in the productions Bang on it, I ́m with the band and R.A.W.

Lömsch Lehmann
Lömsch Lehmann

Max Clouth (guitar)
born 1985 in Frankfurt, studied jazz guitar at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz with Marc-Oliver Klenk and Norbert Scholly and from 2008 to 2009 at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden with Ralf Beutler and Stephan Bormann. From 2009 to 2012 he studied with Pandit Nayan Ghosh at the Sangit Mahabharati Music School Mumbai and with Guitar Prasanna at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.
Max has performed with Torsten de Winkel, Indradeep Ghosh, Luis Gallo, Ishaan Ghosh, Varijashree Venugopal, Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Arijit Singh, among others, and played guitar on numerous Bollywood film scores, including "That Girl with Yellow Boots", "Ekk Main Aur Ek Tu" and "Aiyyaa".
He also composed music for "Blue Summer Symphony" (director: Sinje Köhler, nominated for the student Oscar) and "Masala Chai" (director: Marco Hülser), most recently for "Geschichte im Ersten: Der lange Weg der Sinti und Roma" (ARD, 2022 - Adrian Oeser).
His double-neck guitars developed with the luthier Philipp Neumann are based on oriental and Indian stringed instruments such as oud or sarod. With his group Ragawerk/Max Clouth Clan he developed a unique style of music inspired by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin as well as Indian music and contemporary electronics.
Together with the Frankfurt electro artist Dan Bay, Max released 2020
the EP "Voodoo Guitar". In April 2021, the LP "Lucifer Drowning" was released. in a Sea of Light", on which Max with cellist Sophie-Justine Herr and Kabuki on the modular synthesizer. (

Max Clouth
Max Clouth (Foto: Manuel Waelder)

Bastian Weinig (double bass)
As a young, aspiring bassist, Bastian Weinig has become an integral part of the jazz scene.
His playing is characterized by melodic bass solos and pithy groove, the basis of numerous bands, such as the house band of the Jazzkeller Frankfurt.Er participated in album releases of Haberecht4 in the series "Jazz thing Next Generation", the Trio 22, Ava Charlie and as co-leader with the Mebus Weinig Duo.
As a scholarship holder of the German Music Council, he developed a solo double bass program in 2022. Since 2019 he has been bassist of the hr-Jazzensemble with regular radio productions and appearances at Jazz im Palmengarten and the Alte Oper Frankfurt.

Bastian Weinig
Bastian Weinig (Foto: Paul Needham)

John Schröder (guitar, drums)
Once celebrated by the press as a "guitar prodigy" in Frankfurt after his first appearances in 1978, he has been one of the busiest jazz musicians since moving to Berlin in 1997, who also has his merits on drums. After his first recordings in 1982 and working in a duo with Joe Gallivan, he played with Roberto di Gioia, saxophonist Peter Weniger and bassist Marc Abrams in the fusion group Zuppa Romana.
In 1994 he joined the successful band Der Rote Bereich, founded by Rudi Mahall and Frank Möbus in 1992, with which he performed in numerous countries. For recording a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2001, the group received the Quarterly Prize of the German Record Critics (1st quarter 2005). He also played with Stefan Lottermann, Achim Kaufmann and other musicians of the Cologne scene.
He also played with Stefan Lottermann, Achim Kaufmann and other musicians of the Cologne scene. Schröder is a member of Das rosa Rauschen (with Felix Wahnschaffe), the Norbert Scholly Group, the Fabian Gisler Quartet, Erdmann 3000, LAX and other band projects. With his guitar student Kalle Kalima he founded the band Momentum Impakto.
He played with many well-known jazz musicians, such as Chet Baker (My Favourite Songs - The Last Great Concert 1988), James Moody, Joe Lovano, Randy Brecker, Enrico Rava, but also with Christopher Dell in quartet and duo.

John Schröder
John Schröder


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Musicians from previous openers and formations

Bülent Ates, Thomas Bachmann, Savas Bayrak, Isabelle Bodenseh, Michael Bossong, Paul Cannon, Tony Clark, Elisabeth Coudoux, Marcel Daemgen, Marlies Debacker, Matthias TC Debus, Bob Degen, Christopher Dell, Erwin Ditzner, Nigel Edwards, Peter Feil(†), Jörg Fischer, Valentin Garvie, Bernhard Gehrke, Martin Götte, Sebastian Gramss, Frank Gratkowski, Gerhard Gschlößl, Daniel Guggenheim, Fred Guntermann, Fabian Habicht, Peter Hanson, Alfred 23 Harth, Ruben Hausmann, Nicola Hein, Frederich Helbing, Christopher Hermann, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Lutz Jahnke, Salim Javaid, Oscar de Joode, Willi Kappich, Aki Kitajima, Naoko Kikuchi, Peter Klohmann, Stefan Kohmann, Athina Kontou, Burkard Kunkel, Christof Lauer, Lömsch Lehmann, Martin Lejeune, Christian Lillinger, Abril Lukac (Tanz), Andrea Maria Maeder (Tanz), Rudi Mahall, Dominik Mahnig, Dirk Marwedel, Annick Moerman, Nikolai Muck, Puschan Mousavi Malvani, Ali Neander, Andreas Neubauer, Etienne Nillesen, Uwe Oberg, Richard Oberscheven (Tanz), Eric Plandé, Ada Rave, Ulrich Raupach, Wolfgang Reimers, Vitold Rek, Jan Roder, Isabel Rößler, Chris Rücker, Eric Ruffing, Olaf Rupp, Silvia Sauer, Heinz Sauer, Uli Schiffelholz, Wolfgang Schliemann, Sue Schlotte, Martin "Schmiddi" Schmidt, Daniel Schmitz, Britta Schönbrunn (Tanz), Matthias Schubert, John Schröder, Ulrike Schwarz, Aleksandra M. Ścibor Infinity (Tanz), Dennis Sekretarev, Jasper Stadhouders, Peter Stock, Tassos Tataroglu, Christof Thewes, Jan-Filip Tupa, Luise Volkmann, Marta Warelis, Rainer Weber, Ingo Weiß, Uschi Wentzell, Jürgen Werner, Jonas Westergaard, Katharina Wiedenhofer (Tanz), Georg Wolf, Jürgen Wuchner(†), Eva Zöllner​